Macaron Christmas!

As Christmas rolled around again, I started making plans to create a special macaron flavour for my family and friends…

The macaron I devised was inspired by one of Elvis Presley’s favourite sandwiches – the fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

It’s a combination I’ve successfully recreated myself, and I thought it would be a perfect blend of sweet and savoury – something a little different for our Christmas meals!

The toast-tinted macarons were filled with crunchy peanut butter, crushed homemade salted peanut brittle, and banana white chocolate ganache.

We enjoyed these during Christmas eve dinner with J’s family, and at Christmas lunch with my family. As always, our meals were filled with fantastic food, lots of laughs, and great company.

I hope you all had a great Christmas (or non-denominational public holiday) – here’s to an even better 2012!

Now I just need to recover from all the over-eating…

3 thoughts on “Macaron Christmas!

  1. Row

    Merry belated Christmas! Hehe, I’m in the same boat as you… 3 family celebrations in less than 24 hours = way too much eating (mind, it was excellent eating :D ). Those macarons look divine (they must taste divine, too)! The pics are encouraging me to try and tackle macarons in 2012.
    P.S. I received the Bourke Street Bakery book for Christmas… it’s so beautiful (and kind of intimidating)! I hope you also received one as a present this year!

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